Metropolitan Luminosity

“Did it matter that she must inevitably cease completely? All this must go on without her; did she resent it; or did it not become consoling to believe that death ended absolutely?”

One of the many happy thoughts from Virginia Woolf that I read on our flight into Boston, Massachusetts on Wednesday night. I cannot say that it was exactly comforting for a somewhat inexperienced flyer. This morbidness couldn’t prevent me from enjoying the resplendence of flying into the this vibrant city, though. The lights pierced the black night, and, from our angle, the purple sky seemed to barely graze the curvature of the earth.

Boston has been just as enchanting during our explorations of its streets. The morning New England air is fragrant and crisp, in the evenings the sky fades into lavender and fuchsia, and at night lampposts dot narrow streets of brick row houses nestled between trees clinging on to the last of their gold and burgundy leaves.

The conference has been a new and rewarding experience for me. The sessions that I have attended have fueled me with an abundance of ideas to bring back home. I have been deeply inspired with ways in which our honors program can advance and streamline our means of communication in a variety of mediums, including the newsletter and social media projects that are currently underway.

In our free time we’ve managed to squeeze in trips to places like the local Mapparium and Fenway Park. We even had a Boston tea party at the Boston Harbor. Not to mention our sampling of the local cuisine. I couldn’t pass up a bowl of clam chowder and a mini Boston cream pie at Quincy Market.

We’ve crammed in a lot of memories for so few days. I sure am going to miss Boston.

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More tweeting… because we are nerds


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First Impressions

My first impression of Boston was very claustrophobic, to be honest. It was cramped, cold, and I felt like everything was so close together! I’m very small town, and so to be packed in such close quarters with all these people was, initially, a little disorienting.

However, after I had some time to adjust, I have to admit – Boston’s growing on me. It’s got a big city vibe with a small town feel, or so we were told, and I can definitely see that now. I’ll do another, detailed blog post later about our adventures exploring in Boston because my eyes are barely staying open now, but so far the experience has been amazing. We’ve met some natives (and heard some GREAT accents), enjoyed an incredible speaker at the conference tonight, and we’ve seen some breathtaking architecture… and the best part?

We’ve got another whole day ahead of us. 


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Reception dinner

Great food, great friends, and great dinner!




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Tweeting in Boston

Check it out at #ocuaumnchc. We should have loads more by Saturday morning. Never thought I’d say, “I’m sorry, can we talk in just a minute? I have to finish this tweet.”

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Love songs for Boston

Spark of Insight inspired me to record some of the music I’m listening to on this trip.

I’m so grateful to be here at this place, at this time, with these people, learning more about education, pedagogy, honors, and taking risks. There is much wrong with the world–but there is much love. Let’s take time to celebrate that, okay? Let’s remember that we can bring the love wherever we go. Here’s what I’ve listened to today–sharing the love with Boston.

(I know: “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked,” doesn’t exactly fit the theme; “it is a riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma, but perhaps there is a key.” Thanks, Winston Churchill, once again, for a lovely turn of phrase.)

I wish you love, Boston.

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The Sound of Boston

I’ll frequently update this with every single song I listen to on the trip.

Drive to the Airport:

  • ‘Finale’ by Madeon
  • ‘The High Road’ by The Broken Bells
  • ‘Change’ by Churchill

Elegant Dinner with OCU:

  • ‘Such Great Heights’ by The Postal Service
  • ‘Revolution’ by The Beatles
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